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Red flower close upLinda Gallagher is an inspirational singer and teacher whose musical works are sold and sung worldwide. She has recorded 14 albums to date. Music is a huge part of her spiritual evolution and she shares much in the way of its power and healing vibration that one can be imbued with. Her own life is a testimony to the above and she freely shares the beauty and depth of how The Truth of Being can be ignited in one's heart through this medium. Music is a constant companion for the on-going schedule at "a Center of Freedom".

The recordings of Linda Gallagher are available in the bookstore at a Center of Freedom, as well as the music of other artists.




Sai of Love CD Cover
Sai of Love 01 Abide in The Word
Sai of Love 02 Blessed is The Man
Sai of Love 03 According to Your Faith
Sai of Love 04 I Am One With Thee
Sai of Love 05 Don't Give Up
Sai of Love 06 Ekolu Mea Nui
Sai of Love 07 Love is My Life
Sai of Love 08 Sai of Love
Sai of Love 09 Love is My Song
Sai of Love 10 Peace Be Still
Sai of Love 11 See God in Each Other
Sai of Love 12 My the Light of Truth

My Light Never Dims CD Cover
My Light Never Dims 01 His Hands Are Upon Me
My Light Never Dims 02 Breathe On Me
My Light Never Dims 03 My Dedication
My Light Never Dims 04 Think Only Of Me
My Light Never Dims 05 I AM
My Light Never Dims 06 Mother-Father God
My Light Never Dims 07 God I AM
My Light Never Dims 08 Receive Me
My Light Never Dims 09 My Light Never Dims

Now and Forever CD Cover
Now and Forever 01 Stream of Love
Now and Forever 02 The Light of God is Who I Am
Now and Forever 03 Make No Man a Stranger/I see Only God
Now and Forever 04 I Am That
Now and Forever 05 Surely
Now and Forever 06 Praise Be
Now and Forever 07 There Is Only One
Now and Forever 08 Follow Your Spirit Only
Now and Forever 09 Greater Is He
Now and Forever 10 My Peace
Now and Forever 11 Now and Forever

Holy Presence CD Cover
Holy Presence 01 I Am Living in The Light
Holy Presence 02 Faith Medley
Holy Presence 03 He Performeth
Holy Presence 04 By the Grace of God
Holy Presence 05 I Offer Myself to Thee
Holy Presence 06 We Are The Light of God
Holy Presence 07 God is in Me
Holy Presence 08 Thy Will
Holy Presence 09 Love All Serve All
Holy Presence 10 There's Only One Light
Holy Presence 11 O Holy Presence
Flyin Free album cover
Flyin Free 01 Flyin' Free
Flyin Free 02 Ekolu Mea Nui
Flyin Free 03 Here I Am Lord
Flyin Free 04 I Would Crawl All The Way (To the River)
Flyin Free 05 Kanaka Wai Wai
Flyin Free 06 Love Lifted Me
Flyin Free 07 Only The Heart May Know
Flyin Free 08 The Power Of The Love Of God
Flyin Free 09 Share It With Me